Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special (1981) Review

Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special (1981)
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A must-have for Andy fans (and sure to freak-out anyone who's not familiar w/ him...) His Elvis impression is still awesome...if you've ever seen "This is Elvis" or any Elvis concert footage, you'll see how uncanny Andy's version is, with the stage banter and the karate moves...See Andy wrestle two hooker-ish women (very daring for network TV!) They should have made Andy permanent host after this episode.

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The big mystery about Andy Kaufman's work is in trying to figure out what's serious, what's an act, why he is doing what he's doing, and whether he even knows the differences himself. His performances are among those rare examples where you feel extremely uncomfortable watching them, but at the same time you can't pull yourself away because it's hysterical in a twisted and bizarre sort of way. \n"Andy Kaufman's Midnight Special" is an episode of "Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special", hosted by Wolfman Jack, which aired on January 23, 1981. Even though this was filmed a few years before Kaufman's premature death in 1984, it's a retrospective of his work.Many of his better known characters and routines are featured, including "The Foreign Guy," Tony Clifton, "Ladies Wrestling," the ventriloquist act, and of course, Elvis. The highlight of this video is interview footage of Andy "explaining" his work. Is it real or an act? Was he a comic genius or an utter madman running loose on a TV stage? We may never know. "--Rob Bracco"

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