Leave It to Beaver: Season Five Review

Leave It to Beaver: Season Five
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Season 5 is another great season of Leave It To Beaver! I can't wait until March 1st for the last season to come out. My favorite episodes of Season 5 are The Long Distance Call and the one where Eddie gets sick on the roller coaster. Serves Eddie right :) . I love when he GETS way over his head like that. I like the other one because I've been a baseball fan. It was neat seeing Don Drysdale in an episode.
My wife & I never watch the current new TV...it's soooooo smutty and has so much garbage whether bad language, sex, sodomy, or what ever. I want these companies to bring out MORE of the older TV like Beaver, Mister ED, Beverly Hillbillies and the like. I'm still waiting on Batman (with Adam West), Green Hornet, more Beverly Hillbillies, more Green Acres, Mayberry RFD...and cartoons like the Batman/Superman Hour, Herculoids, Mightor, Secret Squirrel, complete seasons of Underdog, Journey To the Center of the Earth, Fantastic 4 (1967), and Fantastic Voyage.

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Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music)Release Date: 12/14/2010Run time: 1020 minutes

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