Boy Meets World: The Complete Fifth Season Review

Boy Meets World: The Complete Fifth Season
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Fans rejoice, the fifth season is being released by Lionsgate!!! (Only Two More!!)
This is the last season set in high school and the last season before the show took a far swerve into the silly. Some love the sillier college episodes more for their humor other people liked the younger episodes that spoke more to relatable experiences. As for me, when I was younger I loved the sillier episodes, now that I'm older I love the episodes that remind me of being an adolescent (especially the earlier ones that deal with Corey and Topanga). That's besides the point though.
This season Shawn meets his previously absent half brother Jack (Matt Lawrence joins the cast), Eric finally attends college, Feeny has his hands full preparing Corey, Shawn and Topanga for graduation. Also this season Corey and Topanga face their greatest crisis in the course of the series when Lauren (Linda Cardellini) threatens to come between them and then they break up for several episodes. Then they face what may be their greatest moment when a special question is popped during the graduation ceremony. Then there is the prom episode where Corey and Topanga make a big decision and Amy has big news; Corey helps his heartache with some alcohol; Topanga thinks she may be able to love someone besides Corey; Corey and Eric both want more complete relationships with their father; Shawn gets a longterm girlfriend (and the show finally diversifies its cast) in the form of Angela; Corey tries to stop the world around him from changing when graduation nears.
On the sillier side we have an episode where Eric and Jack meet witches at Penbrook; a World War II flashback caused by Salem the Cat (TGIF fans will remember); the Valentine's Day episode where Shawn's previous girlfriends kidnap him; the horror movie parody guest starring short lived scream queen Jennifer Love-Hewitt; the one where a giant Eskimo gets in Shawn's way; a Real World spoof about Shawn, Jack and Eric living together; Eric goes to Hollywood and we see all the characters if they had very different personalities; the boys temporarily lose their girls to Nunzio and Sergio as we explore the differences (some stereotypical, some not) between men and women.
Other episodes find Shawn attending University classes without being enrolled, Shawn 'breaking up' with Corey when he feels they are headed down different paths and an episode where Topanga takes over Corey's family Christmas.
A bunch of fun episodes this season at any rate. Some tackling more serious issues and some having more over the top fun. Many of the episodes are spent on the Corey-Topanga relationship arc and overall most episodes are geared towards the characters preparing for life after high school.
Depending on what era of the series you enjoy this is either the last great set or the first of the ones you really want to own. Regardless I just wanna thank Lionagate for picking up the slack where Disney completely dropped the ball (Maybe you could try and release the final season and a half of Gargoyles too?). Four stars because I wish theses sets had the fun commentaries/special features that the first two had but Five stars for the series I grew up with.*Also just wanted to ask what's up with the apparent orange box color? So Glad to have these seasons released but it looks almost the same as the third season box color as shown here. Odd, but no complaints here as long as its released.

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The "Boy Meets World" gang is back for more adventures in this hilarious fifth season. Join Cory (Ben Savage) and all your favorite characters as they encounter the ups and downs of senior year at John Adams High School. Shawn unexpectedly finds a new love, and in the final episode, Topanga rocks Cory's world with a proposal at graduation.

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