CORNER GAS: SEASON 5 (2009) Review

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I have given up on American Sit-coms, they all have one subject and only that subject SEX. Not that there is anything wrong with a little subtle induendo but every show is in your face sex from beginning to end. Corner Gas proves that a comedy can still be clean and funny. Let's see more of this from CTV.

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After four seasons, 69 episodes and 13 Gemini Award nominations, Corner Gas Season Five is funnier than ever with more high octane laughs courtesy of the all-star writing team that includes Brent Butt, Kevin White, Mark Farrell and Andrew Carr and introduces Emmy Award winner Norm Hiscock, along with the highly-acclaimed Gary Pearson. Just some of the Season Five hilarity includes Karen and Davis investigating mysterious crop circles, Brent and Lacey making The Ruby and Corner Gas more environmentally friendly, and Oscar moonlighting as a school bus driver for a day. Includes all 19 episodes of the 5th season on 3 discs.

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