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Even More Ripping Yarns
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This is the final Ripping Yarn series. This is a great series to own because the videos show a different side of Michael Palin. I hope my reviews will convince you to own this series.
Episode 1 - Roger of the Raj (1914): Michael Palin narrates this story and tells about his family. Michael plays Roger Bartlesham a very wealthy young man. The beginning starts out by having breakfast with his parents. It's quite a breakfast. The mother is a strong authoritian figure and the father has a soft side to him but can't show it. The family is sent to India during the war. Roger falls for Miranda, and he convinces her to run away and go into trade. She refuses at first, but later changes her mind. Mr Hopper is Roger's tuitor, and he tells Roger he want him to lead a mutiny. What is Roger to do? I like this episode because of the way you should see Roger's mom with a machine gun. Miranda doesn't have a bad shot either. I like the scene where the men are at the table and one by one they shoot themselves.
Episode 2 - Murder at Moorstones Manor: Michael Palin has two roles in this mystery outtake. He plays Hugo a blond hair gentleman who is obsessed with cars and Charles the other son who wants the money. I like these characters and it's when they are at dinner that the real mystery begins. Ruth who is Charles lady is grossed out by the father and falls flat in a plate of food. Then father is shot in the back. Hugo is later killed. Who did it? The answers may surprise you. The dad is funny because he the grumpy old man who thinks everyone needs to be punished. I like Charles because he is the distingushed gentleman but has the patience of a child. This is a fun episode. It doesn't show the year but I would guess in the 1920's
Episode 3 - Across the Andes by Frog (1927): The final episode isn't as funny as the other two but has a few good moments. Michael plays Walter Snerrington a solider and scientist. He is training frogs to cross the Andes Mountains. The uniform he is wearing is the same as in the Fish Slapping Dance. He asks for a guide and is introduce to an old lady. She doesn't speak any English but she is funny character. She does send the troops some schoolgirls by mistake. The townspeople don't like the idea of the frogs because they are afraid they bring bad luck. The guards fail to watch over and the frogs are set free. In the end only one frog is found, and so what will Snerrington do? Well I can't tell you so will have to get this video to find out.

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