Friends: The Complete Seventh Season (Repackage) Review

Friends: The Complete Seventh Season (Repackage)
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The Seventh Series of Friends, I hate to admit, is not my favourite. I believe the storylines are a little to mundane and the actors try and do the best with what they're given. Their are 24 episodes in all. Below is a description of each to refresh your memories.
The One With Monica's Thunder - Chandler begins to worry about his performance in the bedroom. Monica catches Rachel and Ross kissing and thinks Rachel is trying to upstage her recent engagement

The One With Rachel's Book - Everyone begins planning for Chandler and Monica's wedding - except her parents, who blow her wedding money on a beach house.
The One With Phoebe's Cookies - Phoebe holds the key to the best-tasting cookies ever, which drives chef Monica crazy. Rachel gets high-handed while trying to teach Joey how to sail.
The One With Rachel's Assistant - Given the chance to employ her own assistant, Rachel overlooks more able female candidates in favour of a young, attractive man.
The One With The Engagement Picture - While taking an engagement picture for himself and Monica, Chandler can't help pulling a weird face.

The One With The Nap Partners - Rachel and Phoebe compete to be Monica's maid of honour. Joey and Ross find themselves in awkward positions after a nap.
The One With Ross's Library Book - Monica runs into Janice and accidentally invites her to the wedding. Ross is upset that his dissertation is in the section of the library where students go to make out.
The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs - Tag joins the gang for Thanksgiving dinner, where Joey proceeds to spill the beans about Rachel's crush on him. Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment, making Chandler extremely nervous
The One With All The Candy - Monica decides to make candy for the neighbors in her apartment building so that she can get to know all of them.
The One With the Holiday Armadillo - Chandler and Monica go on a special date, where he realizes he's not as smooth as her ex, Richard. Phoebe worries that Rachel would rather stay living with Joey instead of moving into their new apartment together.
The One With All The Cheesecakes - Monica is hurt when she isn't invited to her cousin's wedding but Ross is.

The One Where They're Up All Night - Ross assembles the gang on the roof to watch a meteor shower, but becomes trapped up there with Joey.

The One Where Rosita Dies - Phoebe's first day as a telemarketer takes a bizarre turn when she encounters a distraught office supply manager who wants to end it all.

The One Where They All Turn Thirty - As the gang celebrate Rachel's 30th birthday, she ponders what she should do to achieve her remaining life ambitions. The others look back at their own 30th birthday parties.

The One With Joey's New Brain - Joey accidentally tells a fellow cast member on 'Days of Our Lives' that she is to be fired.
The One With The Truth About London - Chandler finds out that Monica actually wanted to sleep with Joey in London.
The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress - Monica regrets telling a fellow bride-to-be about a cheaper bridal store when she has to fight the woman tooth and nail for a unique wedding dress.

The One With Joey's Award - Joey is nominated for a Soapy award and takes Rachael as his date. Ross's student confesses that he has fallen in love with him.
The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin - When Ross and Monica's alluring cousin arrives for a visit, her beauty causes serious distractions for all the men who meet her, including Ross.
The One With Rachel's Big Kiss - An embarrassed Rachel bumps into her old sorority sister and wonders whether to confront her old friend about an incident from their college days.
The One With The Vows - Monica and Chandler try to write their wedding vows, with both asking the others for help.
The One With Chandler's Dad - Monica convinces a reluctant Chandler to travel to Las Vegas and invite his estranged father to their wedding.
The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 1 - Monica and Chandler have the rehersal dinner, chandler freaks out and disappears. Ross and Phoebe look for him while Rachel keeps monica from knowing.
The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part 2 - Ross and Phoebe find a panicked Chandler at his office and take him home to get ready, but he disappears again when he learns what Phoebe and Rachel know.
EXTRAS - Audio Commentary, Gag Reel, Friends of Friends Part 2, Monica's wedding book trivia challenge, Gunther spills the beans about Series 8.
A must have box set for Friends fanatics anywhere!

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