Futurama - Bender's Big Score (2007) Review

Futurama - Bender's Big Score (2007)
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Yes! The Year 3000 is back!! This is all-new material, NOT RECYCLED or from 4 seasons offered in volumes 1-4 or Monster Fun. All new from the Simpson's creator Matt Groening and the Futurama team.
It's here the first of the 4 "NEW" FUTURAMA direct-to-DVD videos, 3 of which will be released throughout 2008. Following "BENDER'S BIG SCORE" will be, "INTO THE WILD GREEN YONDER" then, "BENDER'S GAME" and THE BEAST WITH A BILLION BACKS." The features will be cut into an episode format to air eventually on Comedy Central, not Cartoon Network.
Each of these feature the brilliant original voice talent, from the short-lived fox series: John Di Maggio (as Bender and others), Dave Herman (as the Honorable Mayor C. Randall Poopenmayer and more ) Katey Sagal (Leela), Phil LaMarr (Hermes), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong), Billy West (Fry, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, an other Futurama, but known as Stimpy and from the Howard Stern Show, West does the best LARRY FINE in the business), old school veterans like Frank Welker (here for Nibbler but he's the original Fred Jones, if you saw Saturday morning, you can bet he was in it) and Maurice LaMarche (as Morbo, but LaMarche was on the original Transformers, amoung other projects) and Tress a.k.a. "Skinner's Mom" MacNeille (most recently played the "Spider-Pig" in Simpson's Movie). This time around Sarah Silverman is a guest along with others, like Star War's Mark Hamill.
The Story:
The Planet Express crew are back, only to be accidently sold to evil nudist aliens in an internet racket (remember kids don't give out personal info. on-line). The aliens desire information and upon learning the secret of paradox-free time travel is tatooed onto Fry's butt, the turn Bender into an evil (well more-evil) time-traveling killing/stealing machine. Incidently, Leela nearly wed, a major character is beheaded and the Universe is torn asunder.
This paradox-free nature creates an op for lots of return appearances and cool cameos. The opening credits goof nicely on the epic-DVD movie release, filled with glam-shots of the characters and their full names. Any questions explained are quickly replaced by more confusing questions.
The spirit of the original series is easily matched and able to sustain the 89 min. movie format.
As always the Futurama DVD extras are insanely funny and worthly of the name "special features." For example, a full-episode of "EVERYBODY LOVES HYPNOTOAD" (a 20+ min. gag that you need to let run in its course to fully appreciate the joke), an animated promo for Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, a MATH LECTURE, I said a "MATH LECTURE" really! Many of the Producers & writers involved with Futurama are Math Majors even PHDs. So the Math Lecture is a full segment in which a Math Prof. discusses and explains the use of math in the original series as well as the new material. The lecture also explains the ALIEN SYMBOLS and even reveals a hidden character to help truly OCD fans to decode the latest symbols.
Other extras include Comic-Con full-cast Futurama comicbook reading!
I can't wait for the next installment of the DVD series.

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