Gimme A Break (Complete Second Season) Review

Gimme A Break (Complete Second Season)
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I really loved this show. They don't do television like this anymore. I don't care what anyone say, the 80's was the best decade for quality t.v. Things sorta went down hill after that. Gimme A Break is one of those shows that I loved and always will. I'm so glad they are going back into the archives and bringing back quality t.v shows like this. I plan to collect every season. Unfortunately, the late Nell Carter is no longer with us. If it weren't for her, this show wouldn't be worth seeing. I can still hear her amazing voice singing the theme song, "Gimme a break I sure deserve it." Boy those were the days!! Rest in peace Nell, finally you have been given a well deserved break.

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NTSC/Region 1. Three DVD set containing the complete second season of this TV series starring Nell Carter. Gimme A Break was an '80s sitcom that helped to redifine family and television. This triple DVD set features all 22 episodes of the second season and features guest appearances from Don Rickles, Michael Dudikoff, The Pointer Sisters and other memorable moments. It's real. It's funny. It's real funny! VE. 2007. * Please note you will need a Multi-Region and/or a dual PAL/NTSC DVD player to view.

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