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Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye
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In the latest volume of the popular Disney television series, a total of five hilarious and fun "Hannah Montana" episodes to satisfy the Miley fans and the entire family!
Having a child that is a big fan of various Disney series, "HANNAH MONTANA" has been part of our household family viewing for years. So, suffice to say that I have watched a good share of the episodes of "HANNAH MONTANA" to get a good feel of what the series is about. As for the DVD releases tend to revolve around a certain theme than episodic episodes in order. Thus here comes a new "HANNAH MONTANA" DVD titled "Miley Says Goodbye" and features Miley, Jackson and friends who are older and now having to make important life decisions.
Also, with each of the talent of the show going to do their own thing in their personal careers, especially Miley Cyrus, it was not known if the third season would be her last and thus the season ended with what could be seen as a fitting series finale. But a fourth and final season has been ordered by the Disney Channel and thus, the final conclusion to the series will be in 2011.
For those not familiar with the television show that launched the career of pop star, Miley Cyrus, "HANNAH MONTANA" is a popular Disney Channel television series which started back in 2006 and revolves around a family of three.
Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is a normal teenage girl but when she goes on stage and records an album, she dons a blond wig and is known as the popular pop idol Hannah Montana.
Her father/manager Robbie (real life father, Billie Ray Cyrus) has given her the dual identity so she can live a normal teenage life. She lives with her brother Jackson (played by Jason Earles) who is a bit of goof off who tends to get himself into some sort of predicament at home or at work at the hot dog stand owned by young entrepreneur Rico (played by Moises Arias). For Miley/Hannah, she is fortunate to have her best friend Lilly Truscott (played by Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (played by Mitchel Musso) around at times to be her voice of reason and to help bail her out of trouble.
But in this third season, the six episodes featured on this DVD feature the kids who are now older. Miley having made a successful movie, her career is doing well but getting a taste of her old life in Tennessee, she questions if California or Tennessee should be her true home. Jackson is dealing with decisions about college (and not going to college) and living on his own. Oliver has done well in a music talent show and sees his music career starting to blossom while Lilly is now living with Miley and figuring out where she fits in with the success of her best friends.
The "Hannah Montana - Miley Says Goodbye?" DVD features a total of six episodes. Included are (note: spoilerless summaries):
1. EPISODE 59: You Never Give Me My Money - With Miley's father managing her money, Miley wants to show that she is financial responsible (after her credit card debacle many episodes ago). So, her father is allowing her to have a checking account with $5,000 and to see if she can be responsible and not spend it all.
2. EPISODE 64: Papa's Got a New Friend - With Miley accidentally injuring her choreographer (played by "Dancing with the Stars" Carrie Inaba), she hires a new choreographer who instantly becomes her father's best friend. But her new choreographer is all about him and very strict to Miley and her dancers.
3. EPISODE 69: Promma Mia - With Oliver and Lilly going to the prom, Miley doesn't have a date. (special guest star: "American Idol" star David Archuleta)
4. EPISODE 73: He Could Be the One - An old boyfriend tries to come back to Miley but with her father still sore from how the boyfriend treated Miley back then, Miley tries to hide the fact that she is dating him again from her father.
5. EPISODE 84: Miley Says Goodbye? Part 1 - Miley reunites with her horse Blue Jeans by bringing him to California. So, now she is considering moving back to Tennessee. Meanwhile, Jackson deals with living in his own apartment.
6. EPISODE 85: Miley Says Goodbye? Part 2 - Miley wants to move back to Tennessee, Oliver is offered to open and tour with a band for six months but both are worried about how Lilly will deal with their departure.
"Hannah Montana - Miley Says Goodbye?" is presented in Full Screen (1:33:1) and is featured in Dolby Digital Stereo Sound with also a French and Spanish audio track available. Subtitles are in English SDH, French and Spanish.
The DVD comes with two major special features:
* "He Could Be the One" Alternate Ending - (3:13) An alternate ending for the episode "He Could Be the One".
* Sister Secrets - (8:05) Brandi Cyrus shows us backstage of the "Hannah Montana" set and also interviews the cast.
* Hannah's Highlights: "You Never Give Me My Money" - While watching the episode "You Never Give Me Money", pop ups with information will be displayed on the screen with fun facts and interesting information.
Included with the DVD is a "Hannah Montana - Mile Says goodbye" photo holder where fans can display their picture next to Hannah Montana.
For "Hannah Montana - Miley Says Goodbye?", the episodes focus on the kids growing up and now having to make decisions about life, love and career. It was not known if this would be the final season of "Hannah Montana", so it was quite interesting to see this one hour episode season finale and for the most part, it would have been a fitting ending if Disney chose not to renew the series. Personally, it's quite interesting to see how much has changed with the characters and to see them grow from these young kids to now young adults within the last four years but with one final season to go, it will be interesting to see how the series concludes.
But for the most part, for "Hannah Montana" fans, you get a total of six fun episodes instead of the usual 4-5 and more special features included on the DVD, especially to see how backstage, the set of "Hannah Montana" is a family affair with older sister Brandi Cyrus working in props and Miley's grandmother going through the fan mail.
Overall, as a father of a child who enjoys the series, the show definitely has its share of hilarious moments and for six episodes for a low price, you really can't go wrong with it. Fans of Miley Cyrus and "Hannah Montana" won't be disappointed.

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Be the first to see the entire groundbreaking premiere of the pivotal Hanna Montana Season Three Finale! In Miley Says Goodbye? watch as Miley struggles with her biggest decision yet! Will she leave her rock-star life in Malibu to return home to her Tennessee roots to be with her favorite horse, Blue Jeans? In these 6 episodes from the Emmy-nominated series, including the finale that you can check out on DVD first, Miley must take control of her own life and listen to her heart. In this fully loaded DVD, David Archuleta (from American Idol) guest stars, and Cody Linley returns as Jake in an hour-long episode that has Miley thinking He Could Be The One. And you won't believe the exclusive alternate ending! Add in incredible bonus features like Sister Secrets! and Hannah's Highlights, and you've got the ultimate extra special Hannah Montana event DVD that you won't want to miss!

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