I Love Lucy - The Complete First Season (1951) Review

I Love Lucy - The Complete First Season (1951)
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I am a huge Lucy fan and just love her shows. With the price of the other version of this set, along with all the space it took up I avoided buying it. I agree with many of the reviewers about the GREED behind the first version of the I love Lucy complete first season DVD set. It takes up so much space (9 DVD Boxes) and it is expensive. Well I guess the powers that be at CBS finally listened to the dissapointed fans. They are now releasing this Reissue of I Love Lucy - The Complete First Season in what they call a new slim pack and the best thing is that it will be under $50.00 which is almost half the price of that other version. The DVDs will also be cut down to 7 instead of 9 which gives you more episodes per DVD. The will be one box set rather than 9 individual boxes. I encourage anyone who is in the process of buying that other more expensive version to wait because on May 3, 2005 this New slim pack and more affordable version will be released and the package looks a lot more like a DVD package should look, and less like a box that holds 9 DVDs. It has all the things the other version has but it is in a space saving package and is more affordable. The pilot and all 35 season 1 episodes are included on this classic sitcom! Approx. 907 minutes of total fun on a slim 7 DVD BOX SET under 50 bucks. I hope this helps some of you. Be sure to remember Season 4 of I love Lucy is also released the same day of this new set on May 3, 2005.
Save money and save space and wait till MAY 3, 2005 to get this version which is the way it should have been done in the fist place!

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