Jack Benny Show, Volume 4 Review

Jack Benny Show, Volume 4
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As with the other DVDs in this series, the fourth volume of The Jack Benny Show also contains four episodes of the television program. There are no extras to speak of, mainly a catalog of other Alpha Video selections and a handful of previews that seem to be released by independent sources.
Episode One: Reminiscing About New Year's Eve
Probably my least favorite episode on the DVD. Jack relates his adventures on New Year's Eve. His date cancels and most of the episode shows Jack sulking around town in a top hat, coat, and tails. He gets home just in time to ring in the New Year with Rochester.
Episode Two: Jack Dreams He's Married To Mary
A pretty good episode. After a misunderstanding with Mary, Jack takes a nap and dreams he is married to Mary (his real-life wife). In his dream, Mary is the one that goes off to work each day, Jack stays home, cooking and cleaning. They have a daughter named Joan (played by his real-life adopted daughter Joan).
Episode Three: Jack's Hong Kong Suit
Jack bought a suit when he was in Hong Kong for a mere $12. We find out why at the end of the episode during a violin duet with Giselle MacKenzie.
Episode Four: Beverly Hills Police Station
My favorite episode of the DVD. It is based on the radio episode from October 1, 1950 - The Maxwell is Stolen. Rochester calls Jack and reports that someone has stolen the Maxwell! They meet up at the "over the top" Beverly Hills Police Station where you have to have an appointment and their police dogs are prim and proper poodles! The transition from radio to TV works well here. A really great episode!

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America's funniest cheapskate appears in four episodes featuring musical performances and celebrity guests. Join the always beleaguered Benny and featured regulars Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Mary Livingston in a series of side-splitting comic situations.Episode 1 - Reminiscing About New Year's Eve: Jack turns down an invitation for a big holiday party with the cast of his show. Instead, he gets dressed in top hat and tails for a gala New Year's Eve date with his new lady friend Gloria. A few hours later, though, Jack finds himself sipping champagne with his new date-Rochester.Episode 2 - Jack Dreams He's Married To Mary: While taking a nap Jack dreams that he has been married to Mary Livingston for 21 years. However, the roles are reversed in the Benny household. Mary is the breadwinner and goes to work each day. Jack stays home, does the cooking the cleaning and continues to celebrate his 39th birthday.Episode 3 - Jack's Hong Kong Suit: Jack is proud of his beautiful new suit, the one he bought from a Hong Kong tailor for just 12 dollars. But after playing a frenetic fiddle duet with Gisele MacKenzie, Jack's cheap suit starts splitting at the seams.Episode 4 - Beverly Hills Police Station: Rochester telephones to tell Jack that his ancient Maxwell auto is missing, apparently stolen during the night from the Benny residence. Jack heads for the Beverly Hills Police Department and can't believe just how upscale and "Hollywood" a police station can be.

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