Newsradio - The Complete Third Season (1995) Review

Newsradio - The Complete Third Season (1995)
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It's a good time for NewsRadio fans. The release of the first and second seasons in May of 2005 was a dream come true (not associated with Dream Come True Garage Door Openers). As nice as it is to have just the episodes on DVD format, the set included a gag reel, a short featurette and best of all, around 20 commentary tracks from the likes of Paul Simms, Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney, Andy Dick, and the rest of the cast and writers that are still around (Phil Hartman and Drake Sather have both died since the show). Although some fans complained about the video quality (which wasn't great, but was more than acceptable to me), the DVD set was a truly incredible release.
Well, the news has come in, and season 3 is coming out at the end of February (and hopefully that date will not be changed). NewsRadio's third season was when one of, if not the greatest comedy show was at it's prime (which is really the first four seasons, but 3 and 4 are out of the park). I was worried due to the time lapse between DVD releases, which makes it even better news that there will be ten more commentaries, another gag reel, and multiple featurettes (that all sound a bit better than the one included on the first set).
Some of my all time favorite episodes are here...
President - Where Mr. James runs for President and Matthew grow a moustache.
Arcade - Star Gate Defender, SATs and moldy sandwiches.
Daydream - Heat induced hallucinations plague the office.
Movie Star - James Caan visits WNYX and finds out what make Bill McNeil tick.
The Trainer - Dave turns out to be Canadian and the office is shocked. Meanwhile, Bill enrolls at the Ted Chambers gym where he has to deal with the money grubbing antics of Ben Stiller.
Rap - Bill is enraged to find out that Rap music not only has lyrics, but that they are offensive and readily available to the children and the elderly.
Complaint Box - A favorite among anyone who has seen it.
Airport - Dave and Bill are snowed in at an airport in the midwest. One of my all time top five episodes.
The Real Deal - Bill McNeil; Meet Jerry Seinfeld.
Space - What would NewsRadio be like in Outer Space? The answers in this episode.
Every single episode here, all 25, are great. There isn't one that falls below the line of excellence. The ones I listed are just a few personal favorites. The episodes that will have commentary tracks (from everybody again), will be Arcade, Stocks, Daydream, Christmas, The Trainer, Rose Bowl, Our 50th Episode, Sleeping, Mistake and Space. I for one am looking forward to these commentaries almost as much as I am to having the episodes. The other extras include a gag reel (I think), Space: From Table Read to Film, A Visit to Andy's Trailer and Joe Furey's One Man NewsRadio. This promises to be an amazing release.

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When it comes to sidesplitting comedy and laughter, they're number one! Tune in for the third hilarious season of NEWSRADIO, the hysterical misadventures of the wackiest news team in New York. Join micromanaging news director Dave Nelson (Dave Foley), office weird guy Matthew Brock (Andy Dick), ambitious reporter Lisa Miller (Maura Tierney) and bombastic anchor Bill McNeal (Phil Hartman) as they do everything they can to keep NYC the best misinformed city in the world. Includes all 25 episodes from season three featuring guest appearances by Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Jon Stewart, Norm MacDonald, James Caan and more!

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