Roy Clarke's Open All Hours: The Complete Series (2009) Review

Roy Clarke's Open All Hours: The Complete Series (2009)
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"Open All Hours" (1976 - 1985) is #8 on the "Britian's Best Sitcom" list from a poll conducted in 2004 by the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. Instead of drawn out, overpriced, single series releases we get the entire program of 4 series (25 episodes) at once this time at a reasonable price! Special features are to include the pilot which aired as an episode of the 1973 series "Seven of One".
Written by Roy Clarke ("Last of the Summer Wine", "Keeping Up Appearances") the series takes place primarily in a small grocer's shop, in Doncaster in South Yorkshire. The owner, a middle-aged, tight-fisted man, will stop at nothing to keep his profits high and his overhead low. He has a pronounced stammer and a knack of being able to sell anything. His put upon nephew is his errand boy, whose attempts at a love-life or even just a social life fall flat. He blames his uncle that he has to be up early to open the shop and stay late to close it.
Nurse Gladys Emmanuel, Arkwright's long-standing fiancée, and only weakness, lives across the road. Arkwright spends an inordinate amount of time attempting to make her marry, or at least sleep with him.
The primary characters in the series are:
Ronnie Barker (Porridge) - Arkwright, the shop owner
David Jason (Only Fools and Horses) - Granville, his nephew
Lynda Baron - Nurse Gladys Emmanuel
Keep your eyes open for Kathy Staff (Last Of the Summer Wine) and Stephanie Cole (Waiting For God) as customers.
Sometimes quaint, sometimes dark, and always with that dry British humor and penchant for the double entendre this is another in a string of fabulously funny sitcoms from across the pond!

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Arkwright, the brown-coated, stuttering, Northern shop-keeper is forced to open his corner-shop for as long as the law will permit. But, he still finds time for his passions - parting unsuspecting customers from their hard earned cash, keeping his daydreaming nephew Granville in line, and of course his tireless pursuit of nurse Gladys Emmanuel.

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