Saturday Night Live - The Best of Will Ferrell - Volume 2 Review

Saturday Night Live - The Best of Will Ferrell - Volume 2
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After pretty much laughing my (...) off while watching "The Best Of Will Ferrell", I expected to do the same with "The Best Of Will Ferrell - Volume 2". However, when I watched it on tv in July, I was extremely disappointed. Outside of a few sketches, I hardly uttered a chuckle. However, when I saw this dvd a few weeks ago, I knew I had to buy it, thinking I might change my opinion. Needless to say, it remained the same.
"The Best Of Will Ferrell - Volume 2" is supposed to include sketches featuring some of Will's lesser known recurring characters that failed to make it on the (10 million times funnier) first volume, including rude and incompetent obstertrician Dr. Beamen, Hank of Bill Braskie's Buddies", and Ted Brogan", the 37 - year - old baby. Also there are some sketches that feature non - recurring bits. None of these sketches are funny.
However, there are a few funny sketches. They are the opening Bush sequence, the famed "Wake Up And Smile", "Lovers" (though there's another version of this sketch with the same characters on volume one except it's with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore and it's much funnier), "Red Ships Of Spain" (with Will doing his Robert Goulet impression), and "Inside The Actors Studio" with Kate Hudson as Drew Barrymore (though the one with Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Reilly on the first edition was much funnier).
The only other watchable sketch is "Janet Reno's Dance Party", which really only catches fire when she beats up Mayor Rudolph Giulianni. It's pretty good, but Will impersonated Reno 13 times, so there are probably better Janet Reno sketches out there.
Also, there are many much more funnier characters that didn't appear or only appeared briefly on the first volume that without a doubt should have been included here. I'm talking about Frank Henderson (from the "Get Off The Shed" bit), David Leary (from "Dog Show"), Tom Wilkinson (from "Morning Latte"), Sean Patrick Flannery (from the Mary Katherine Gallagher sketches), Baron Nocturna (from "Goth Talk"), Don West (from the "Shopping At Home" sketches), and his Ted Kaczynski and Neil Diamond (where's "Storytellers") impressions.
And why not include more Culps, Spartans, Roxbury, "Jeopardy!", Harry Caray and Saddam Hussein sketches? Yeah, they were on volume one, but they were truly Will's best! And as a final gripe, they could have given us at least one of the Bush/Gore presidential debates sketches.
Overall, you can say this is a complete abomination, but it is tempting. Buy at your own risk and hope that volume three comes out soon and it's much, much better than this dvd.

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