Saved By the Bell - Hawaiian Style (1989) Review

Saved By the Bell - Hawaiian Style  (1989)
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(...)This movie to me was better than any of the episodes. Each person in the movie had their own little story going that all connected together in some way. The gang travels to Hawaii to get away from their "hard life" and visit Kelly's grandfather, only to discover that Mr. Belding, their principal, is there too, hosting a tour group of fellow principals. Well, Kelly's grandfather happens to own an un-occupied hotel, that has been threatened to be torn down to make way for an expansion of a HUGE hotel. The gang decides to get Belding's group from the fancy hotel to Kelly's grandfather's hotel (who happens to be Dean Jones..yes the one from all those Disney movies). They go through many attempts and "Zack" plans and eventually get the group to the hotel. But there is no service, so the gang all have to become the cooks, maids, hula instructors, and tour guides. Oh, did I mention in all this that the native Hawaiian's think Screech is a GOD???? Yep that's right. It seems nothing can go right when Zack and Screech get stranded in a boat with no gas and full of tourists, Slater and Jesse get a bus full of tourists stuck in the mud, and Screech loses the pig that is supposed to be used for the luau. Romances fly with Kelly falling for her grandfather's lawyer, and Zack falling for an older Hawaiian who has a child. It is a cute story that isn't intended to be taken seriously, just something to remind you of the 80's and what a great cast the OLD Saved By The Bell was. (...)

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