Sleepers (1991) Review

Sleepers (1991)
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I've waited for years to see this thriller again. It's an example of what BBC was once able to do: create the nearly perfect drama. Everything about this classic is right. The casting is perfect; in a just world, Clarke would have been given many awards. There is much humor. And the spy story keeps your interest from beginning to end. How delightful to see this available. Don't miss it.

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The Cold War is over but all the players are still ready for a rumble As seen on Masterpiece Theatre Soviet agents Sergei Rublev and Vladimir Zelenski so successfully infiltrated the culture they were sent to spy on in 1965 that they have become more English than the English. Now living as financier Jeremy Coward and brewery worker Albert Robinson, the "sleeping" spies are horrified to learn that, after 25 years, the KGB is looking for them. The hunt also awakens the bumbling bureaucrats of MI5 and their ultra-paranoid CIA counterparts, who work themselves into a lather trying to figure out what the KGB is up to. The poignancy of the sleepers’ predicament plays out amid a hilarious cross-cultural send-up of the secret agent game. Nigel Havers (Manchild, A Perfect Hero) and Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe, The Onedin Line) star in this touching human comedy, remembered as one of the best British exports of the 1990s. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE cast filmographies and scene selection. Note: due to music rights, this program has been modified for home video presentation.

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