South Park - The Complete Fifth Season (1997) Review

South Park - The Complete Fifth Season (1997)
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The fifth season is almost here and after the excellent season four (much better than season three, in my opinion) I can't wait. Season 5 has two of my all-time favorite South Park episodes: Proper Condom Use and How to Eat with Your Butt. Anyway, here are the season 5 episodes in all their glory so you can prepare your stomach muscles for loads of laughter come March 1:

It Hits the Fan: The S-word is becoming popular due to a tv show pursuit of higher ratings. The Knights of Standards and Practices is unleashed on the nation.
Cripple Fight: Big Gay Al is fired as scout master. This episodes marks the debut of Jimmy who is not given a warm welcome by the jealous Timmy.
Super Best Friends: A cult led by magician David Blaine brainwashes the kids.
Scott Tenorman Must Die: Cartman seeks revenge on an eighth grader. Special guests: Radiohead.
Terrance and Phillip Behind the Blow: Terrance and Phillip are breaking up??
Cartmanland: Cartman wants to use his inheritance to build an amusement park in his image (must be a fat amusement park).
Proper Condom Use: As part of their sex education training, Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik get down! One of my all-time favorites.
Towelie: A stoned towel and government conspiracies can't get in the way of the South Park kids playing their video game.
Osama Bin Laden Has F**ty Pants: The boys want to help the children of Afghanistan and end up taking on the Taliban.
How To Eat With Your Butt: My favorite of this season! Kenny has a picture of his butt taken on school photo day and Cartman has it put on a milk carton. A couple with the same affliction arrive in South Park. Tears came to my eyes when I first saw this one as I was laughing so hard. Where do Matt and Trey come up with this stuff?
The Entity: Kyle is embarrassed by his visiting relative and Mr. Garrison invents a new mode of transportation.
Here Comes the Neighborhood: The boys tangle the wealthy kid Token who, in retaliation, encourages other rich families to move into the neighborhood.
Kenny Dies: Stem cell research is discussed proving yet again how up with the latest news Matt Stone and Trey Parker are when they write these shows. This episode first aired in December 2001.
Butter's Very Own Episode: Learn of the deep, dark secrets surrounding South Park's nervous little resident.
Great work Mr. Stone and Mr. Parker. Keep 'em coming!

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In SOUTH PARK - THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON, join Stan, Kyle, = Cartman and Kenny as these four characters embark on the adventure of = growing up in a small mountain town.In the fifth season, the boys = discover a government secret, accidentally get sent to Afghanistan and = get into an extreme slugfest when 'Big Gay Al' returns, among many more = hilarious adventures.Episodes include: * It Hits the Fan * Cripple Fight * Super Best Friends * Scott Tenorman Must Die * Cartmanland * Full screen format; Dolby Digital English Stereo; closed-captioned for = the hearing-impaired

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