Taxi - Seasons 1-3 (1978) Review

Taxi - Seasons 1-3 (1978)
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I currently see prices on Amazon of $31.99 for Seasons one through 3 of Taxi.....this adds up to $95.97. Why this package is currently selling for $107.99 is beyond me. I am cognizant that Amazon changes prices from individual to individual (a little known secret), but the abyss between this package and the individual titles, with no apparent additions in DVD extras, is astounding. With the Seinfeld you get a puffy shirt or napkin holders from Monks coffee house; this package does not appear to offer anything extra.
The show gets 5 stars, but adding up the show with the value per dollar, I am forced to give this package 3 stars. Sad, because it is one of the greatest shows to ever grace television in my opinion.

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This sitcom followed the life of a group of cabbies in New York. The group, employees of the Sunshine Cab Company, was made up a motley crew including Bobby (Jeff Conaway), a frustrated actor, Tony (Tony Danza), a struggling boxer, Louie (Danny DeVito), the tyranical dispatcher, and Reverend Jim (Christopher Lloyd), a spacey ex-hippie. The classic ensemble sitcom was hailed by critics and audiences alike after premiering on ABC Sept. 12, 1978. It's a vehicle with heart, as well as humor, and won three straight Emmys as Outstanding Comedy Series.

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