The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection Review

The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Collection
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What shows written on the description and cover of the DVD are not whats in the box. I love Martin & Lewis and was dissapointed since i already had the movies that were in the box. The movies are always great, but i am dissapointed that the movies promised werent in there.

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Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - the crooner and the clown. They were the best-known comedy duo of their day. Whenever they performed, whether on stage, television, or on the big screen, they sky was the limit and the laughter was endless. In this 2-DvD pack, you'll get 6 complete episodes of the classic 1950's variety show, "The Colgate Comedy Hour," starring the legendary comic pair. This fabulous collection showcases the brilliant, off-the-wall antics of Martin and Lewis at their very best.

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