The Vicar of Dibley - The Complete Series 3 Review

The Vicar of Dibley - The Complete Series 3
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Return to the loopy English village of Dibley, with this DVD containing the complete third series of THE VICAR OF DIBLEY, Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer's divine comedy hit from the BBC.
"Autumn" - Alice and Hugo return from their honeymoon with some unexpected news, meanwhile Geraldine's romance with David's roguish brother Simon heats up.
"Winter" - A very pregnant Alice wins the role of Mary in the annual Nativity play by default and causes a furore when she actually goes into labour during the performance!
"Spring" - Gerry makes plans to establish a creche at St. Barnabus.
"Summer" - When water shortages threaten the village, Gerry stages a protest against a proposed new reservoir. Meanwhile, the council members discuss the subject for a possible millennium commemoration statue.
Lots of fun with all your favourite characters. Starring Dawn French, Emma Chambers, James Fleet, Gary Waldhorn, John Bluthal, Roger Lloyd Pack and Trevor Peacock.
The DVD includes a couple of great bonuses: "Ballykissdibley", which features Father Clifford from BALLYKISSANGEL vistiting the town of Dibley. The 1999 Red Nose Day Special features Gerry mingling with Johnny Depp, Fergie and more when a film company sets up shop in Dibley. There's also a fascinating doco called "The Real Vicars of Dibley" which charts the lives of similar real-life vicars who lead unconventional lives. Includes interviews with the cast and writers of the series.

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The sleepy village of Dibley has a new vicar, but it's not your standard order bloke with beard, bible and bad breath - it's Dawn French, of the hilarious comedy duo French and Saunders. Armed with a sharp wit, a double dose of double entendre and healthy supply of chocolate, she brings the town's lovable - though rather eccentric - inhabitants a hysterical new outlook on life, love and the Church of England that will leave audiences in stitches!

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