Endangered Feces - The Very Worst of The Tom Green Show (2000) Review

Endangered Feces - The Very Worst of The Tom Green Show (2000)
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This DVD contains what the producers consider to be the best (worst) moments of the Tom Green Show as originally broadcast on the Rogers' Ottawa Cable Access channel and The Comedy Network in 1997. Some of the segments available on this DVD include what happens when you try to hang your own creation on the walls of the National Gallery of Canada, flaming feet in the streets of Ottawa, bum-bum guitar serenades, asking questions from angry drunks, playing with the P.A. system in department stores, and other very disgusting, repulsive and very, very funny items of interest.
This stuff is so totally off the wall that I haven't laughed this hard since I saw the South Park movie. Although many of these skits are completely tasteless, they are still a joy to watch. Once I get some kind of cable service, it will be interesting to see how good his current MTV version is in comparison with the material on this DVD. In the meantime, I have thoroughly enjoyed this disc which offered much more reasonably priced entertainment than a lot of other DVDs currently on the market.
Also included is Tom Green as a guest of Open Mike with Mike Bullard, the Dini Petty show and Camilla Scott. The Mike Bullard appearances are so absurd that they belongs more with the Tom Green Show than with Open Mike. And again, these are mainly original broadcast tapes, not multi-generation copies.
It's surprising his .... wasn't hauled in jail especially after what he did to his parents' car and house! And a good thing too. In six short years, Tom Green has gone from an Ottawa cable access show to a hit TV show on MTV. Even some the hosts of the shows where he was a guest have been in the business for a lot longer than he has. And they haven't reached anywhere near Tom Green's huge cult status.
This DVD is a great value for Tom Green fans everywhere.

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