M*A*S*H - TV Season Three - 3 Tape Boxed Set (1972) Review

M*A*S*H - TV Season Three - 3 Tape Boxed Set  (1972)
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Some consider the third season the show's very best, full of humor but also more boldly playing with serious topics. The actors are really at home in their characters by this point, and the audience knows them inside and out, too. They no longer need to play gags over-the-top to work because we know them so well. And because we know they so well, the serious turns hit home.
Reams have been written about M.A.S.H.; offering accolades would just be repeating what has been said before. Among the most popular sitcoms ever made, the show still stands the test of time despite being a "period" show. The jokes still work, the characters are still charming and feel like old friends, and the show still more enjoyable than most of the shows that have come and gone since.
Like the other sets, this DVD collection is bare bones (though not poorly produced). We get the episodes spread out over several discs in a sturdy triple-case and a small booklet with info on each episode. That's it. No extras. No commentaries. No documentaries. Just the episodes.
And that is just fine, because the episodes are great. Good picture far quality, good sound, and an option to turn off the laugh track are about all we really need.
Even better is the price. Because this is so bare bones, we're paying only about $35 rather than the $50 or $70 so common with TV-on-DVD sets.
A no-brainer buy for M.A.S.H. fans.

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