Men Behaving Badly - Season 3 (British TV Series) (2000) Review

Men Behaving Badly - Season 3 (British TV Series) (2000)
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The cast are back together again and you can see that they are comfortable acting together. The series is starting to get a little more outrageous especially when Tony and Deborah begin their excerising together. Gary's relationship with Dorothy continues to grow even though Gary can't help himself with his new cleaner.

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Crack open a beer, grab your remote control and gorge yourself on an extra-large helping of bad behavior, British style. Flatmates Gary and Tony were an inspiration to a generation of British men. No self-help books or caring and sharing for them. In their world, the '90s were a rude and crude pursuit of good times and sex. But the program inspired a generation of British women as well, proving what they had always known: that inside, all men were really overgrown children whose primary talent was the ability to rearrange their genitals in public.

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