Sports Night: Season One Review

Sports Night: Season One
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Sports Night is an intelligent comedy that rarely uses "slapstick" antics for a laugh, but relies instead on the clever, witty, rapid-fire dialogue. This show is quite a bit more light-hearted than West Wing, and doesn't delve into deep political topics, but it does often touch on a subject that will make you think, and quite possibly inspire you. It earned several Emmy nominations, and was declared by TV Guide as "Rookie of the Year" and "Best Show You're Not Watching".
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SPORTS FAN TO LOVE THIS SHOW! I have friends who don't care for sports at all, but would absolutely never miss an episode. Sorkin masterfully integrates sports as a background, and weaves it into an occasional amusing subplot; but this show is about the relationships and interactions among the characters, not about the sports they cover.
And yet I don't recommend you buy this particular product (Season One). Why? Because for a few dollars more you can get the entire series (Seasons One and Two), and I can almost guarantee that when you're done with the first season you're going to want to watch the second one.
RATING/CONTENT: There's no rating in the product info, and I don't know what the TV people gave the show for rating/content, but here's my assessment:
--Violence: none, except when you get laughing so hard your sides hurt. TV-G
--Language: I can't specifically remember any swearing; if there is, it's certainly mild compared to many tv shows. There is some innuendo, however. TV-PG
--Sex: referenced in dialogue only, no graphic scenes at all; this show is about relationships, not sex, though some sexual references are made. Probably TV-PG, at worst TV-14

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From Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme, the creative masterminds behind The West Wing and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, comes Sports Night, an innovative half-hour program about the team of smart people responsible for putting on a nightly live sports news show. They arre funny, disciplined, capable and fast-thinking, a group of consummate professionals, except when it comes to their personal lives. Combining the storytelling talents of Sorkin and Schlamme and unforgettable performances by Josh Charles (In Treatment), Robert Guillaume (Benson), Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), Sabrina Lloyd (Sliders) and Joshua Malina (The West Wing), the first season of Sports Night defined a new style and raised the bar for all television programs to follow.Bonus Features * The Show: All-new interviews with creator Aaron Sorkin, director Thomas Schlamme and members of the cast and crew reveal the story of Sports Night from inception to cancellation to legacy.* Face-Off ESPN SportsCenter vs. CSC Sports Night: The real-life counterparts to Sports Nights fictional team tell us what the show got right. Featuring SportsCenter anchors Josh Elliot and Jay Harris, Senior Coordinating Producers Glenn Jacobs and Michael Schiffman, Associate Producer Elizabeth Sosbee and Researcher David Rose.* Season One Gag Reel* Five Commentaries With Creators, Cast and Crew

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