The Best of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Vol. 3 (1961) Review

The Best of The Dick Van Dyke Show, Vol. 3 (1961)
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My first crush on a television actress was on Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie on "The Dick Van Dyke Show," so of course the famous episode where she gets her toe caught in the faucet of a bathtub (while playing with the drip) is bound to be a favorite. Therefore, I announce with great joy that you will find that classic episode here on "The Best of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' Volume 3." The other three episodes include one more classic, one fun episode, and one that must suffer in comparison to another classic episode. Speaking of comparisons on the topic of Mary Tyler Moore in a bathtub, that reminds me of the great episode of her own show, "Mary's Insomnia," that shows us how funny it is to be on the same side of the bathroom door as her character when she is bathing (that episode, which dealt with Mary's dependence on sleeping pills, also had a strong dramatic side as well). Now, onto our four featured episodes:
Episode 124, "100 Terrible Hours" (Written by Bill Persky & Sam Denoff, First aired Mary 5, 1965) is another great flashback episode where Rob recalls the time he was on the air broadcasting his radio show for 100 hours straight. Then he goes straight into his first meeting with Alan Brady about becoming a writer for "The Alan Brady Show." There is fun to be had with Laura trying to keep Rob awake, but my favorite part is when Rob reaches an emotional breaking point over the fate of a poor little cat stuck in a tree.
Episode 129, "Uhny Uftz" (Written by Carl Kleinschmitt & Dale McRaven, First aired September 29, 1965) is the time when Rob said he say a flying saucer hovering outside the office window one night when he, Buddy and Sally are working late one night at the office. Okay, but this one makes you think of the classic "It May Look Like a Walnut," so it has to suffer in comparison.
Episode 121, "Never Bathe On Saturday" (Written by Carl Reiner, First aired March 31, 1965) proves once again how far you can take a simple idea and turn it into comedy gold as Rob tells the story of when the Petries went on their second honeymoon and Laura got her toe stuck in the water spout of a bathtub in a fancy hotel. The problem is that the bathroom door is locked from the inside. Then there is that mustache Rob has drawn on his upper lip and the suspicious hotel security guy. Reiner's script was nominated for an Emmy, as should any script that has you thinking Laura is nude ("see" also, "October Eve"). This episode features familiar faces Kathleeen Freeman as the maid, Bernard Fox as the detective, as Arthur Malet as the engineer.
Episode 40, "The Secret Life Of Buddy And Sally" (Written by Lee Erwin, First aired November 28, 1962), has Rob suspicious when Buddy and Sally start acting strangely. He becomes convinced they must be writing for another show because the obvious alternative is worse. But it turns out they are doing a comedy act (as Gilbert and Solomon). This episode reminds me of the "I Love Lucy" show when everybody would get into the act. Buddy tells jokes while "playing" the cello, Sally sings "Come Rain or Come Shine," and Rob and Laura join in as Lester and Esther Bushwhacker to do a song and dance number as well. As you would expect this is a fun episode.

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Sample some of the greatest comedy ever aired on television with this side-splitting collection of the best episodes from the legendary, Emmy Award-winning Dick Van Dyke Show! Episodes include: 100 Terrible Hours, Uhny Uftz, Never Bathe on Saturday, The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally.

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