The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season (1983) Review

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season (1983)
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Yes, 5 stars. There has simply never been another show on television like THE DUKES OF HAZZARD...and I doubt we will ever see something in its style again. But just because John Schneider and Tom Wopat ("Bo and Luke Duke") are absent on just about every episode of this season, doesn't mean that I will wait longer to purchase it.
In hindsight, the introduction of "Coy and Vance Duke" into the storyline wasn't the great disaster it was in 1982. Schneider and Wopat walk off the show to strike over issues related to merchandise royalties, and the show clamors to hire two new individuals to fill the huge gap. Granted, the replacement cousins were no Bo and Luke, but hey, the character of Coy (played by Byron Cherry) was quite likeable and down-home like, and the change in roles allowed the show to experiment a little.
Rick Hurst ("Deputy Cletus") stayed on the show as Sonny Shroyer ("Deputy Enos") returns from his failed spin-off series, and it's great that we have both deputies on several of this season's early shows until Hurst finally departs. Secondly, the comedic talents of "Boss Hogg" (Sorrell Booke) and "Sheriff Rosco" (James Best) are second to none in the fifth season, as the two really stepped it up to ease the absence of Schneider and Wopat. The two really carry the weight of the season, and they do it hillariously!
Not only that, but one of the best episodes of the show's entire run, "Witness: Jesse Duke", shows the great talent of Denver Pyle ("Uncle Jesse"), and the chemistry of the "new Dukes" finally gels within the storyline and with the rest of the cast, only to be gone in the next episode.
Otherwise, the stories found in this season are very good, and afterall, Bo and Luke do return towards the end. In fact, another unique element here is the episode "Welcome Back, Bo & Luke", which features Bo, Luke, Coy and Vance on screen all together in this episode only.
A big thanks to Warner Brothers for continuing to release THE DUKES OF HAZZARD sets on DVD. Another thanks to Warner for making these single-sided discs (at an unbeatable price). Now if Warner would only re-release the first 3 seasons with the single-sided configuration!

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The Duke cousins, Vance and Coy, come to Hazzard to embark on a new series of adventures, while Bo and Luke race the NASCAR circuit. Following the phenomenal success of this franchise on DVD, Dukes Season 5 will street in conjunction with the theatrical release. The Duke family is back for more down-home adventure in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season, now on DVD in this 8-disc, 22 episode collector's set.

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