The Ultimate Bob Hope Collection (1952) Review

The Ultimate Bob Hope Collection (1952)
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This is a great collection of 3 DVDs that covers Bob's television career from 1950 through his final special in 1995. The guest list is a virtual "who's who" of all the big television and movie stars of the period, and given the five decades it covers it really becomes a virtual history of television. Bob is terrific, and the quality of the remastering and packaging is top notch. Made a great gift for my WWII veteran Dad.

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For the first time on DVD, The Ultimate Bob Hope Collection features highlights from fifty years of The Bob Hope TV Special with bonus extras never before available. This remarkable legacy of laughter is the only video collection authorized by Bob Hope himself. This special collector's edition features rare vintage clips, hilarious outtakes, and a guest list that reads like a virtual who's who of Hollywood legends, Presidents, and stars from every generation. Extras include Bob's first ever radio appearance in 1935, movie shorts from the 1930s, an excerpt from "Memories of World War II," Bob's photo album, and more. Volume 1: 50 Years of Laughter, Parts 1 and 2. Five decades of Bob's favorite memories with the biggest stars and the biggest laughs. Volume 2: Hope for the Holidays; Saulte to the Troops. Every Christmas Bob delivered laughter and hope to TV audiences and American GIs around the world. Volume 3: Celebrity Bloopers; Bob's Special Extras. The funniest outtakes from Bob's personal blooper reel and rare extras from the Hope archive.

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