WKRP in Cincinnati (Box Set) (1978) Review

WKRP in Cincinnati (Box Set)  (1978)
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WKRP in Cincinnati on home video? A great idea, as this was a consistently well-written show, and one of the more intelligent ones from its era, but New Video has done the show an injustice by:
A. Releasing only eight episodes
B. Using masters with the original rock music used during the network run replaced by stock music
C. At times, resorting to substandard and/or edited copies.
Now that 20th Century Fox Home Video owns the rights to this and the rest of the MTM Productions library, it is time to beg them for a DVD release of all 90 episodes unedited and with the original music restored!

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In the early ‘80s viewers were first introduced to the comic crowd ofbizarre broadcasters in the radio station of WKRP. Like listeners of the fictional WKRP, the audience started out small, but for four years WKRP in Cincinatti entertained a growing aud

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